Pole conditioning classes

In order to master many of the intermidiate and advanced pole tricks and combinations you have to build up strength and flexibility. Our conditioning classes does just that. We have 3 conditioning classes.


Power Pole is a strength building class where we use the pole for strength building. We don't work on specific tricks but do contitioning exercises for the base of the different families of tricks and practise different grips.


Core n Flex is a mat class where we strengthen and stretches the body. These classes take inspiration from pilates, yoga, crossfit and general strengh training as well as flexibility training.


Flex is a flexability class where we work on getting our bodies more bendy with exercises from dance, yoga, pilates, contorsion and gymnastics.


Pilates n Flex is based on pilates exercises and flexibility training. We work towards aligning the body and freeing movement through mobility and physio therapeautic exercises.


Cross n Pole is class is were crossfit meets pole dance. This is a strength class that will get you sweating.





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Pole basic classes

Our basic classes is a pole dance class that covers all the basic teknik and dance moves in pole dance. We will work on teknic, combinations and short dance rutines in these classes. Our basic classes are devided into 3 levels.


Pole Dance 1 is a beginners class where you'll learn all the basic beginners tricks, dance moves, floorwork, transitions, sits, climbs and building strength for inversions.


Pole Dance 2 is our intermidiate class where we build on to what you've learned in pole dance 1 and we will work more on inversions and harder combinations.


Pole Dance 3 is our advanced classes. We will work on harder combinations, grips and tricks that require more strength and flexibility.


Pole Combo 3+4 istaking all your intermediate to advanced tricks and combining them into combination. Students will also be introduced to harder tricks on this class that will push your limits.

Pole technic classes

In our technic classes we work on the technical aspects of mastering the pole, how to get the harder tricks and strenthening for the more complex combinations. There's no dancing in these classes. These classes is only offered on intermidiate/advanced level.

Pole dancing classes

Our dancing classes are coreography based classes where we dance whole the class. These classes is a good cardio exercise and are open to all levels, however we do recommened you've attended a few Pole Dance 1 classes first. We have 2 dance classes.


Pole-graphy© is a pole dance class that takes inspiration from various dance styles. Kneepads and/legvarmers are recommended.


Classic Pole Dance© is a pole dance class going back to the roots of poledancing. This class is all about finding your sensual and feminin side. We dance in high heels.


Latin Pole© is inspired by the latin dances such as jive, Samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba and pasodoble. The pole will be used as your dance partner.


Exotic Pole Dance has become a popular style of pole dance during the last couple of years. With roots in Russia, it has spread and is now slowly making its way to Europe.

Exotic is mysterious, sensual and strong, mostly a solid floor work- but don't let it fool you, exotic is not as easy as it might look.


Cardio Pole© is an aerobic pole dance class where we keep on moving constantly through dance. The choreographies are simple and easy to hear so we can move in a fast pace without too many stops. This class will get you to burn some calories and break a sweat!


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